How To Install AMD Processor on a Motherboard CPU


While AM5 sockets and processors in the 7000 series have relocated CPU connections to the socket, the process of installing the CPU has remained unchanged.

To commence, the retention lever is raised to release the receptacle. After ensuring that the CPU is properly aligned, insert it directly into the receptacle. It ought to fit flawlessly without requiring additional force.


Improperly bending the connections can easily result in damage to the CPU. In addition, the outdated processor may become entangled in the heatsink, a prevalent issue with AMD systems.

This guide will assist you in installing your AMD processor correctly, thereby preventing you from encountering such issues.

How To Install AMD Processor on a CPU

Ensure that the CPU and motherboard are compatible before proceeding. Despite their continued popularity, the Ryzen 5000 series processors are incompatible with the new AM5 socket. Simply a brief remark.
Utilize an anti-static harness to safeguard the components against ESD. Touching a metal surface intermittently will also suffice.

Before replacing the CPU in an existing system, all components must be disassembled.

Turn off the computer and detach the power cable.
Remove the bolts to expose the side cover of the case.
To commence, detach the CPU fan connector.

The Wraith coolers by AMD are secured in position using retention clips or spring screws. The portable system possesses a Wraith Stealth cooler that is secured with spring fasteners. To eliminate these refrigerators,

Partially loosen one of the screws by applying three to four turns. As illustrated, proceed with the opposite screw in the same manner.

Continue doing so until each of the four fasteners becomes loose.
Succeedingly raise the container while maintaining a steady grip on it.

When it becomes trapped, gently wiggle it as you remove it. Additionally, preheating the CPU to high temperatures for a short time before this can facilitate the process by loosening the thermal paste.

If you own a cooler of a different variety, consult this comprehensive guide on removing CPU coolers.

Take Out the Old CPU

How To Install AMD Processor on a Motherboard CPU
How To Install AMD Processor on a Motherboard CPU

Eliminate the thermal lubricant from the CPU while it is still inserted into the socket. Collect a tissue or microfiber cloth and commence your task.

Once the CPU has been cleansed, depress the retention arm to release the socket. It ought to emerge and ascend.

Hold the CPU by its sides and pull it out straight with caution. Avoid applying pressure to the needles while performing this action.

If the CPU is functional and you intend to utilize it in the future, place it in a CPU clamshell for safekeeping.

Install the New CPU

How To Install AMD Processor on a CPU
How To Install AMD Processor on a CPU

Once the receptacle is prepared, installation is a straightforward process. You need only ensure that the CPU is properly aligned and then install it.

Ascertain whether the locking mechanism is raised.

Locate the corner of your AMD processor that bears a distinctive mark, which is typically a triangle. Determine the correct orientation by identifying the identical marking on the receptacle, which is typically the lower-left corner.

Once the CPU has been properly aligned, place it very gingerly and directly into the socket. It ought to suit entirely.

Depress the handle and secure it in position.

Additionally, AM5 boards feature a socket cover that will detach automatically at this juncture. It may become necessary in the future for motherboard warranty purposes; therefore, safeguard it.

Install the CPU Cooler

The specific procedures may differ based on the sort of cooler being utilized. The most common forms of CPU coolers are discussed in this article on installation. However, generally,

When repurposing an old cooler, the old thermal paste must be wiped off the cooler and a new layer reapplied to the CPU.

For Wraith Stealth coolers, request assistance in inserting and holding the backplate in position.

Connect the cooler’s fasteners and rotate one of them by a partial three to four turns.

Repeat with the fastener that is diagonally opposite. Iterate the sequence illustrated in the image until every screw is securely fastened.

Connect the CPU fan connector to the CPU_FAN header as a final step.

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