Honor 100 Pro real phone pictures


Honor has made the decision to convene a press conference on November 23rd, during which it will unveil two models, namely the Honor 100 and the Honor 100 Pro. Prior to the official launch, several digital bloggers preemptively disseminated authentic photographs of the two mobile devices.

The Honor 100 Pro is a smartphone model that is known for its exceptional features and capabilities.
The Honor 100 Pro was recently showcased in photographs released by digital blogger @yurippe7774, confirming its resemblance to the previously leaked designs. The Pro version of the product features a centrally positioned dual-hole screen, while the lens module exhibits a quasi-elliptical design. Additionally, the back cover appears to provide a variant with a simple leather stitching pattern.


Honor 100 Pro real phone pictures

The visual representations depict that the Honor 100 Pro is available in four distinct color options. Among these options, the green and lilac variants exhibit a design characterized by a combination of plain leather and glass colors. Conversely, the white and dark green variants showcase a design featuring a straight-face aesthetic.

The Honor 100 smartphone has been documented in the Geek Bench benchmark database. The CPU architecture of the test version comprises a structure consisting of one core running at a frequency of 2.63 GHz, three cores running at a frequency of 2.4 GHz each, and four cores running at a frequency of 1.8 GHz each. The graphics processing unit (GPU) utilized in this context is the Adreno 720. The identifying code indicates that the big core is denoted as A715 and is fabricated using the TSMC 4nm process.

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The normal version of the Honor 100 incorporates a centrally positioned single-hole screen, while the lens module exhibits a semicircular irregular design. As to the findings of blogger @digitalchatstation, it has been reported that the Honor 100 series of mobile phones would incorporate a 1.5K ultra-high frequency four-curved screen with eye-protecting capabilities. The central frame does not have any injection breakpoints. Both models feature a 50-megapixel primary camera on their outsole, and both are equipped with optical image stabilization (OIS) technology. The concept of anti-shake technology refers to the ability of a device or system to mitigate

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