Javed Afridi Shows Off Live Assembly of New MG SUV

Javed Afridi Shows Off Live Assembly of New MG SUV In Pakistan 2022


Javed Afridi Shows Off Live Assembly of New MG SUV

Because of its widespread appeal, the MG HS is one of the most popular SUVs on the Pakistani market. However, the recent tax increases on car imports have increased the price of the vehicle to Rs. 8.9 million, which has dampened the increase in demand for it as a result.

Javed Afridi recently posted a video on social media showing MG’s local assembly facility in Pakistan, which may be seen in the video below. Fakhar-e-Alam, a well-known television personality, filmed and published a video on Twitter in which he gave a tour of the facility to his followers.


Opinions of the Industry

Within two days, the film had gained 1.5 million views, with the vast majority of viewers expressing their gratitude to the carmaker for their efforts. Experts in the business, on the other hand, say that the company’s refusal to provide the media with an official tour of the plant is a red signal.

Ali Khizar, a well-known automotive industry analyst, recently pointed out on Twitter that Pakistan imported 13,246 completely built-up vehicles in 2021.

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