Microsoft doesn’t need a new Xbox

Microsoft sees no need for a new Xbox generation


Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft’s Xbox business, has said there is “no need” for a major platform update. He recently remarked in an interview that the company’s current hardware is sufficient for all of its needs.

During the Xbox Games Showcase event, the company unveiled an updated version of the existing Xbox Series S series, however, the only change was an increase in system memory. To make up for the deficiency in Series X consoles, the business has “significantly increased” shipments.


Microsoft doesn’t need a new Xbox

Developers of gaming consoles often introduce an entirely new lineup every three years. In example, 2020 saw the release of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X gaming consoles. Bloomberg claims that the decline in developer spending on hardware is due to factors including the fact that consumers can’t tell the difference between 4K and 8K displays and that the price gap between the two is significant. However, Spencer emphasizes the value of client feedback. If you’re looking for NFT or blockchain-related Xbox gaming items, you won’t find them there.

On Sunday, Xbox announced 13 new studio projects, with Microsoft subsidiary Bethesda’s Starfield project receiving its own 40-minute presentation. This, is despite the fact that many Xbox buyers have doubts about Microsoft’s capacity to independently create successful platformer titles.

Microsoft has been working hard to complete another important goal: getting the green light to acquire Activision Blizzard Inc. British regulators canceled the deal due to fears that Microsoft will come to dominate the cloud gaming business. Spencer has been mum on whether or not the company will leave the UK gambling market in light of the local regulator’s ruling. According to him, Microsoft is aggressively looking for one. Microsoft has shown that it is not willing to exploit its dominance in the gaming market by entering into various agreements to provide content and services to cloud gaming providers, including significant competitors like NVIDIA. On Sunday, Microsoft revealed that NVIDIA GeForce Now users would have limited access to PC Game Pass’s library of cloud-hosted games.

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