X Rolls Out Audio and Video Calls


In August 2023, Linda Yaccarino, the CEO of X, announced that the platform will soon introduce a video and voice call capability. Elon Musk and Linda have a grand plan to transform X into a comprehensive application that encompasses all functionalities. Remarkably, it appears that they are making significant progress towards achieving that aim. The company has obtained its 15th license to transmit money.



This will facilitate the introduction of novel payment functionalities, enabling users to transfer funds to one another. In addition, X is introducing an audio and video call function for its Android users. The functionality was implemented for iOS users in October 2023. For a considerable duration, it has enabled individuals with iPhones or iPads to experience this functionality. Android users will also experience changes now.

X Rolls Out Audio and Video Calls


After a period of delay, Android users can now access audio and video calls on the X app for Android. According to reports, it is necessary to upgrade your Android app to utilize this feature. It is important to note that all users can receive calls, but only X Premium subscribers have the privilege of making calls. The corporation appears to be employing a strategy aimed at increasing its subscriber base. To attract more members, the organization can increase its appeal by limiting outbound calls and other recently added capabilities, such as extended posts, exclusively to X Premium subscribers.

X Premium is priced at $8 per month or $84 per year. The Basic tier, which includes advertisements, starts at a monthly subscription fee of $3. Nevertheless, the specific tier that encompasses the benefit of outbound video and voice calling remains unknown. X is required to respond to inquiries on the subscription that enables audio and video communication. According to reports, the implementation of the functionality for all Android users will take some time, but it will eventually be available to all Android clients.


Enabling the feature is straightforward for both iOS and Android users:


Navigate to the Settings menu
Select the option labeled “Privacy and Safety”
Navigate to the Direct Messages section.
Activate or deactivate audio and video calling functionality.
By activating the option, you gain the ability to control the individuals who are allowed to contact you via phone. You have the option to impose limitations, permitting calls solely from individuals listed in your contact list, users whom you follow, or exclusively verified users.

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