Stylish Electric Toyota GR Sports Car Is Under Testing


For many months, Toyota has been diligently developing its first all-electric Toyota GR sports vehicle. It is anticipated that the forthcoming Toyota Car would include a replica manual gearbox with a fashionable and svelte look. It is anticipated to outperform the Supra GR.

Toyota had a gathering to discuss its electrification objectives back in 2021. An electric Toyota Tacoma and more than a dozen more cars, including the sporty-looking Toyota GR, were teased to the auto industry.


Electric Toyota GR Sports Car Could Arrive in 2026

Toyota’s first high-performance EV, according to reports, will debut in 2026. Recently, we learned that Akio Toyoda, chairman, and the performance division are testing the much-awaited electric GR. Akio is the company’s founder’s grandson, for those who don’t know.

Here, it’s important to note that Toyota just had a CEO shake-up. It seems that Toyoda personally plays a significant role in how things go, including the sports vehicle developed in collaboration with Toyota Gazoo Racing (GR). Akio Toyoda, the chairman of Toyota, recently said:

“The electric GR is real and a prototype is undergoing testing”

He also revealed several other fascinating facts. However, the manual gearbox in the forthcoming sports vehicle is likely to be “software simulated.” The vehicle will jolt when it shifts gears and make audible engine sounds.

The vehicle is designed to resemble the beloved vintage Toyota sports vehicles by all enthusiasts in terms of appearance, sound, and feel. Toyoda even confirmed the presence of a clutch, which when paired with all the engine sounds prevents drivers from determining whether the vehicle is powered by a battery or petrol.

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The chairman’s uncertainty over whether this particular electric GR would reach the market by 2026 is noteworthy in this case. But whatever comes will undoubtedly be thrilling since it must be “fun to drive to be worthy of the GR badge,” whether it is this vehicle or something else.

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