vivo OriginOS 4, the first virtual graphics card, supports light tracing

, frame insertion, and super-resolution.


Vivo made the announcement on November 1 that the industry’s first virtual graphics card will be available for OriginOS 4 during the ongoing 2023 vivo Developer Conference.

During the press conference, it was revealed that vivo OriginOS 4, which includes support for virtual graphics cards, requires nearly no waiting time for the system to respond when apps are being opened or closed. The speed at which applications respond has been improved by 36%, and the stability of the display’s frame rate has been improved by 70%. In addition, ray tracing, frame insertion, and super-resolution technologies are made available through the virtual graphics card.


Using host-level light tracing technology, the virtual graphics card may boost the amount of light calculations performed in real time from 100,000 to an extremely high level of one million. It can be “unprecedentedly realistic” in many ways, including the way it renders the texture of skin and the way it handles lighting and shadows.

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