X Community Notes Feature is Rolling out in Pakistan


The South Asia Index announced today that X will debut Community Notes features in Pakistan. Users can use the functionality to add context and fact-checking to potentially misleading tweets, such as posts, images, or videos. Community Notes were first introduced in 2021 and became commonly utilized by 2023. X mentions Community Notes as follows in its help center



Community Notes aims to make the world a better-informed place by making it simple for users on X to give context to potentially incorrect posts. Furthermore, contributors will be able to put notes on any post, and if a sufficient number of contributors with varied points of view find that remark useful, it will be publicly displayed on that post.

X Community Notes Feature is Rolling out in Pakistan


Contributors on the platform with qualified accounts can only add Community Notes. Users of Social Network X must have used the platform for at least six months, have a clean record with no rule violations for a year, have a verified phone number from a trusted carrier, and ensure that the provided phone number is not linked to other Community Notes accounts to be eligible.

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If an account fits these conditions, X encourages them to act in good faith, contribute productively to the promotion of understanding, and be accommodating, even to people with opposing views. After completing the required form, X will add eligible users to a list with other sign-ups and notify them when their accounts have successfully entered the program.

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