HMD may introduce phones from “other partners” in addition to Nokia and its own brands


The announcement came on November 2 that HMD Global has been selling handsets under the Nokia brand for the previous six years. The Finnish firm made the announcement in September of this year that it will be expanding its product portfolio. The company wants to develop a comprehensive product ecosystem by launching a variety of HMD-branded goods such as smartphones, tablets, feature phones, and Internet of Things devices.

Nokiamob reports that members of the foreign media conducted interviews with HMD’s public relations department and obtained additional information as a result.


HMD argues that the primary reason for introducing the “private brand” is that the firm faced significant financial issues in 2022, which drove the company to restructure. Additionally, HMD’s prior licencing arrangement with Nokia is about to expire in just over two years, which will only allow HMD to release three to four Nokia handsets.

HMD has also stated that its original product series would be included in the new multi-brand approach, which will also include phones manufactured by Nokia and phones manufactured by other partners. However, HMD did not disclose any information regarding the partners with whom they will work.

In addition, a spokeswoman for HMD emphasised that the company intends to construct a future that is both more sustainable and more economical for customers as well as the industry of telecommunications. The primary objective of HMD at the moment is to introduce a line of smartphones and feature phones that are both repairable and environmentally friendly; these devices will serve as the “foundation for building momentum” for the new HMD brand.

IT House found that there was a new brand logo being used for HMD Global on the company’s official website as well.


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