YouTube Launches home screen widgets

YouTube is getting in on the action by introducing home screen widgets for the iPhone and iPad. The addition of these widgets has been done in such a way as to allow ease of use through shortcuts.

These widgets for the iPhone include something called “Quick Actions,” which has a dimension of 4 by 2 and is referred to as the quickest way to navigate YouTube. Aside from this, there is a “Search YouTube” area that may be used to rapidly start UI with the keyboard open. On the other hand, clicking the symbol will bring up the voice lookup.

Other widgets that can be used as shortcuts include “Home,” “Shorts,” and “Subscriptions,” which each immediately opens their corresponding activities. Users of the widget have drawn outlines around the icons that are located in the bottom bar. Home, as its name suggests, takes viewers to the homepage of YouTube, whereas Shorts navigates us to the website’s primary concentration on shorter forms of video content.

YouTube Launches home screen widgets

Another widget with the label “search” and background colour of either black or white is positioned at the very bottom of the page. It enables the entry of text quickly.

YouTube‘s new home screen widgets have been gradually made available over the course of the past two weeks for users of the iPhone and iPad. As of the release of version 17.40.5, we can also view them in real-time. Make sure, however, that in order to access the after upgrading, a user must first do a long press on the home screen and then access the widget picker from the top left corner of the screen.

By the beginning of 2022, Apple’s iOS had released its final widget, which featured Gmail’s inbox, settings for the XL iPad provided by Drive, and shortcuts for Translate. In addition, the company has recently released these widgets, along with six other widgets for the lock screen. It would appear that an effort is being made to make things simpler for users than they were previously.

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