iPhone patent Motorized light filter embedded in the screen


According to a list that was recently released by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), Apple has been granted a design patent for the iPhone. This invention allows Apple to manage the screen by incorporating an “electronically controlled filter” into the display of the iPhone. measure of polarisation or tilt.

It has been rumored that Apple intends to add “blinds” on the screen of the MacBook in order to enable privacy mode in a more flexible manner.

iPhone patent Motorized light filter embedded in the screen

This new patent makes use of a different concept for the design. It is possible to filter some colors by adding a polarising layer in the middle of the screen. This will ensure that only the front side can be viewed in its entirety. It is possible to display it normally when using the ordinary mode. When “privacy” mode is used, only the front of the image can be seen. the case.

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