The Pixel 9 may offer three variants, including a tiny “Pro” phone


In January, when OnLeaks released renders of the Pixel 9, it became evident that a significant transformation was taking place in Google’s product range. Typically, the business releases a flagship “Pro” phone with three cameras and all the high-end capabilities, alongside a smaller Pixel variant that is slightly reduced in specifications, usually including only two cameras. The January images displayed two phones, one large and one little, both equipped with three cameras. This suggests that the base model Pixel 9 is being upgraded to a “mini-Pro” variant, which is a smaller phone but still includes all the features and specifications. The development of the tiny Pro model is still ongoing, but it appears that it is not the standard model.

The Pixel 9 may offer three variants, including a tiny “Pro” phone



The latest depiction by OnLeaks and 91Mobiles showcases a third iteration of the Pixel 9. This is the standard compact model with just two cameras. The revised lineup consists of a 6.8-inch “Pixel 9 Pro XL,” a 6.1-inch “Pixel 9 Pro,” and a 6.0-inch “Pixel 9.

The design of the base model closely resembles the leaked images of the other Pixel 9 variants. The camera bar adopts a novel rounded pill form. The edges transition to a level metal strip, resembling that of an iPhone 4/15. The edges of the display and phone body have a significantly greater curvature.

Note that Google offers the Pixel “a” series as well, with the most recent iteration being the Pixel 7a. In addition, the firm continues to offer the previous Pixel “a” model, known as the Pixel 6a, at a discounted price of $349. Therefore, the company’s lineup consists of a total of five phones. The Pixel Fold adds up to a total of six. Upon discovering the leak in January, it was logical for us to discontinue the base model Pixel 9. This decision was driven by Google’s difficulty in distinguishing between the high-end “a” series phone and the low-end Premium phone. The screens, storage, and RAM of the Pixel 7a and Pixel 8 are comparable, making it difficult to discern any noticeable disparities in camera performance or CPU capabilities in practical usage. There is an unjustified disparity of $200 in pricing between the two. Upon the release of the Pixel 8a, it is expected to be priced lower than the Pixel 8 and is likely to significantly impact the sales of the base-model Pixel 8. Perhaps Google is content with biannual updates for the intermediate model.

These leaks are all occurring at a very early stage. The upcoming addition to Google’s product range is the anticipated release of the Pixel 8a, expected to take place in May. The anticipated release of the Pixel 9 is expected to take place in October.

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