Xiaomi mobile phone internal test 5G


Xiaomi mobile phones are currently undergoing internal testing for the 5G messaging feature, as reported by netizens. The registration and testing period spans from January 11 to February 29. Users may access the Xiaomi Community App to engage in participation.



Xiaomi advised users to refer to their respective service providers for detailed information regarding 5G messaging tariffs, as mentioned in their official statement. The SMS App is customized exclusively based on the operator’s specifications. Xiaomi Group disclaims all liability for tariffs, transmission, reception, and other related matters arising from the utilization of 5G messaging. Furthermore, internal testing is only available for Android devices with T and higher versions.


Xiaomi mobile phone internal test 5G

5G messaging is a telecommunications service that adheres to the GSMA RCS UP standard. It enables multimedia and lightweight messaging, facilitating industrial information contact and upgrade through the use of MaaP technology.


Put simply, 5G messaging is not just an overall improvement of SMS services, but also a distinct use of 5G that redefines the way humans and computers interact. Users can conveniently perform various commercial activities, including searching for services, discovering options, interacting with businesses, and making payments, all within the message window. This is a newly established information service portal.

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The 5G Message Working Group Standards Seminar, organized by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology and the China Communications Enterprises Association, took place in Wuxi on December 15th, marking a successful event.


The meeting examined three draft group standards as stated in the official reports: “5G Message Service Enhancement Capability Specification – Unified Authentication Capability Requirements”, “5G Message Service Enhancement Capability Specification – Payment Capability Requirements”, and “5G Message Terminal and Network Compatibility Test Specification”. Deliberations occurred and the ultimate version was approved, resulting in the creation of a draft open for feedback. The subsequent revisions of the three criteria will be presented to the China Communications Enterprises Association to gather feedback from the entire society.

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