Android Spyware Linked to Russia’s Turla Hackers

As soon as the virus is "activated," it hides its gear-shaped

In order to extract sensitive data from infected devices, and Android spyware programme that masquerades as a “Process Manager” service has been discovered and is being actively used. The application, which is packaged under the name “,” is responsible for establishing communication with a remote command-and-control server.

When the application is launched, a warning appears informing the user of the permissions granted to the programme. These include screen unlock attempts, locking the screen, configuring the device’s global proxy, configuring the screen lock password expiration, configuring storage encryption, and disabling the device’s cameras.

Android Spyware Linked to Russia’s Turla Hackers


As soon as the virus is “activated,” it hides its gear-shaped icon on the home screen and runs in the background, taking advantage of the app’s extensive capabilities to access the device’s contacts and call history as well as track its location, send and read messages, access external storage, take photos, and record audio.

The information gathered is saved in JSON format and then sent to the remote server that was previously specified. Although the virus was distributed using the same C2 server, Lab52 asserts that it does not have enough evidence to link it to the Turla organisation. As of the right moment, neither the exact initial access vector utilised for delivering the malware nor the intended targets of the campaign are known for certain.


A legal app called Roz Dhan (Hindi for “Daily Wealth”) is also attempted to be downloaded by the rogue Android software. Roz Dhan (Hindi for “Daily Wealth”) has over 10 million downloads and allows users to earn cash incentives by answering surveys and quizzes. According to the researchers, in this regard,

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