Huawei launches 10G wireless campus network solution


Huawei has introduced a 10G wireless campus network solution. It offers customers solutions ranging from Gigabit to 10GbE based on the product line of Air Engine Wi-Fi 7 series products and Cloud Engine S5755-H series multi-rate switches. Experience with Gigabit wireless network upgrades.

To begin with, Wi-Fi 7 adds a 6GHz frequency band to the spectrum resources, boosts the bandwidth to 320MHz, and changes the encoding method from 1024QAM to 4096QAM, increasing the entire bandwidth to 18.67 Gbps and doubling the single-terminal network rate. The single-terminal download speed of Huawei Wi-Fi 7 AP hit 4.3 Gbps (IT House Note: 537.5 MB/s) according to the Huawei Air Engine Wi-Fi 7 wireless access test report provided by the testing agency Tolly in August 2023.


Huawei launches 10G wireless campus network solution

Second, Huawei employs its proprietary dynamic zoom smart antenna to provide omnidirectional coverage and intelligent adaptive switching in high-density environments. To accomplish automatic interference across the entire area, Huawei’s Wi-Fi 7 solution additionally combines joint resource scheduling of “space, time, and frequency” between APs, along with CoSR, cross-AP joint r-TWT/TDMA scheduling, and AI interference spectrum analysis technology. Continuous broadband networking in high-density office settings is enabled by adaptable, dynamic broadband networking, ensuring that indoors can handle sustained 120+ high-definition video concurrency while preventing download services from hogging bandwidth.

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Wi-Fi 7 is based on spectrum resources and QAM enhancements and includes MLO technology to minimize average delay to 2ms, in addition to the two features of huge bandwidth and high concurrency.

Recently, Huawei assisted Southwest Jiao tong University in upgrading the campus wireless network and establishing a 10G wireless campus network environment. The network connects major places throughout the school, including classrooms, research buildings, libraries, dormitories, and offices, resulting in seamless network connectivity.

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