MediaTek’s new generation of satellite broadband


MediaTek will showcase various technologies and products at the 2024 World Mobile Communications Conference (MWC 2024) under the subject “Connecting the AI-verse.”

The material includes Pre-6G non-terrestrial network (NTN) satellite broadband, 6G environmental computing, IoT 5G RedCap solutions, 5G CPE real machine functions, real-time generative AI video creation apps, and Dimensity Auto automobile ecological cooperation results. Various global brand devices featuring MediaTek CPUs will be showcased.


Chen Guanzhou, director and general manager of MediaTek, stated that MediaTek remains strong in several crucial sectors. The Mobile World Congress is a platform for us to display our exceptional accomplishments in different technologies and products. MediaTek introduced edge-generated AI, satellite broadband, 5G RedCap and CPE, and upcoming technologies including 6G environment computing, setting a strong base for the 6G era.

MediaTek’s new generation of satellite broadband

MediaTek’s seventh-generation AI processor showcases real-time AI video creation.
MediaTek will showcase real-time AI video production applications using its Dimensity 9300 flagship 5G generative AI mobile processor. The Dimensity 9300 features an integrated hardware-based generative AI engine and is compatible with LoRA end-side generative AI skill augmentation technology. The processing speed of the generative AI is said to be eight times faster than the previous generation AI processor.

Density Auto collaborates with the global automotive ecosystem. MediaTek partnered with automotive system developer OpenSynergy to create the in-vehicle HyperVisor virtual operating system. MediaTek has collaborated with ACCESS, a software business, to develop a multi-screen entertainment and interactive service experience integrated with its Twine4Car solution.

The Density Auto smart cockpit and car infotainment platform allow for the operation of multiple operating systems, multiple wireless network access and administration, and synchronized playing of numerous video windows. It provides drivers and passengers with 3D visual effects and generative AI experiences.

MediaTek T300 RedCap RFSoC Platform
MediaTek’s recently released T300 platform enables IoT devices to be upgraded to 5G-NR. It is particularly well-suited for IoT goods with stringent demands for connectivity efficiency and battery longevity, like wearable devices, lightweight AR gadgets, and devices needing prolonged connections. Internet of Things modules, and so forth.

MediaTek Vivo’s latest flagship phone

MediaTek will showcase how their exact scheduling solution reduces transmission delay of vital network traffic, resulting in stable low-latency connections for AR and industrial IoT applications.

The T300 RedCap RFSoC will showcase its performance and capabilities, emphasizing low power consumption, using Keysight’s UXM 5G wireless test platform.

MediaTek’s latest 5G CPE technology
MediaTek is showcasing the enhanced features of its T830 platform through a 5G CPE device. The MediaTek T830 features three-antenna transmission (3Tx), improving uplink network transmission speeds, and is compatible with several 5G-NR frequency band combinations.

By utilizing low latency, low loss, and scalable throughput (L4S) technology, network latency can be minimized, enhancing user experience in comparison to conventional designs. The demonstration was carried out in collaboration with the Anritsu MT8000A test platform.

Conducting a demonstration of 5G-Advanced satellite broadband technology on-site to establish the groundwork for enhancing the user experience in Pre-6G NTN.
MediaTek will showcase a new generation of 5G-Advanced NR-NTN satellite test chips at the 2024 MWC after launching the MT6825 5G NTN chipset last year. The device will be capable of transmitting signals across the Ku band using low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite technology to offer services for automobiles and several other purposes. This terminal device offers a data speed exceeding 100Mbps.

A demonstration of satellite broadband streaming mimicking Pre-6G technology using low-orbit satellites will be showcased. This example utilizes the Rohde & Schwarz SMW200A Victor signal generator and FSW signal analyzer, along with the NR NTN test base station (gNB).

MediaTek is developing a Virtual Personal Network technology for computing in the upcoming 6G environment.
MediaTek showcased its plan to utilize 5G devices and routers in homes to create a virtual private network by integrating ambient computing and network connections. This network will eliminate the need for complex configurations like port forwarding and security tunnels, making home IoT management and network storage streaming more efficient. It can utilize peripheral devices that are either single or many simultaneously to enhance the total computing capability.

MediaTek will showcase the technical demos and equipment at the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024) in Barcelona, Spain, from February 26 to February 29, 2024. Attendees are welcome to visit the 3D10 booth located in Hall 3, IT Home. It will also provide updates on subjects relating to MWC 2024.

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