OPPO Find N3 X6 Pro mobile phones


The OPPO Find N3 / X6 Pro has released the ColorOS / 401 version update, which is currently available for installation. The size of the installation package is around 7.45GB.

The term “system” refers to a set of interconnected components or elements that work together to achieve a specific purpose or function.


Implemented device action and direction sensor authorization settings. Once disabled, the program will cease to initiate activities like as shaking.

OPPO Find N3 X6 Pro mobile phones

Enhance the user experience of screen recording by introducing a new setting option for recording methods. Users can now select between using the screen recording floating window or the status bar fluid cloud to control the recording process.

Enhance the performance of the intelligent display, enabling compatibility with QQ Music on the music screen.

Knowledge and understanding gained through experience and reflection.

SmartSite introduces a 50MP 0.7μm pixel mobile phone image sensor

Implemented an advanced AI feature that efficiently detects and analyzes call content, extracting crucial details like time, location, and schedule to create a concise summary of the call.

Implemented an AIGC removal feature that accurately detects image content, efficiently removes unnecessary features, and produces images that appear more authentic and pristine.

An additional feature has been implemented to provide an intelligent summary of articles. This feature is capable of accurately identifying the content of an article and generating concise abstracts with a single click. It allows users to easily access vital information from articles.

Enhance Xiaobu’s screen recognition capability to automatically detect page content and offer relevant service suggestions, enabling convenient access to services with a single click.

Furthermore, the OPPO Find X6 Pro mobile phone incorporates the feature of black-screen fingerprint unlocking. To unlock the device when the screen is black, simply place your finger on the fingerprint region without the need to illuminate the screen. XPAN mode enables the use of both ultra-wide and telephoto focal lengths for precise composition. The viewing angles have been enhanced, and the lens focal length switching feature has been increased, allowing for a seamless transition between regularly used focal lengths.

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