MrBeast tops YouTube subscriber Channel


Jimmy Donaldson, better known by his stage as MrBeast, has now surpassed T-Series in YouTube subscribers. For five years, the biggest YouTube channel belonged to the well-known Indian music firm T-Series. Reaching 269 million subscribers on the channel, 26-year-old MrBeast has created history.

About eight hundred videos have been posted on MrBeast’s YouTube account to accomplish this amazing achievement. These include arranging an actual Squid Game, being buried alive, and giving away private islands.


Three million subscribers have joined Mr. Beast since his Sunday victory over the T series. On social media, the YouTuber announced the news. We have finally avenged Pewdiepie, he tweeted. Later, he also spoke about how June 1st saw a jump in subscribers to his channel.

“Over 11 million people clicked the subscribe button in the 24 hours yesterday, making it the most subscribers we’ve ever gotten in a day,” He also posted a screenshot illustrating the typical daily viewership of his channel, which is between six and eight million.

MrBeast tops YouTube subscriber Channel

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