Apple iOS 17.5.1 official version released

fix the problem of "resurrecting" deleted photos


On May 21, Apple released the iOS 17.5.1 update (internal version number: 21F90) for iPhone users. This update was issued one week after the previous release.

It is important to acknowledge that there might be a minor delay in detecting upgrades in certain countries due to cache issues in Apple’s node server setups. Typically, this wait lasts for around half an hour and is not considered significant.


Apple iOS 17.5.1 official version released

Based on input from Spotify community moderators, Apple has implemented a restriction in a recent iOS update that prevents music streaming apps from utilising the volume controls on the iPhone to operate Spotify Connect devices.


Users are no longer able to manipulate the device volume using physical buttons. Instead, they must utilise the software volume slider located in the device menu to make adjustments. This change has resulted in unneeded inconvenience. Prior to this modification, users were able to comfortably and rapidly adjust the volume by just pressing the side button on the iPhone.

Android Authority conducted a media test and discovered that users can control the volume of media playing on tvOS through the physical buttons of an iPhone when streaming using Apple’s official Apple Music or TV Remote app. However, this functionality is not available when using third-party applications such as Spotify, YouTube, and YouTube Music.


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