Apple iOS 18 iMessage leaks

New text effects, AI auto-write feature


Technological media According to MacRumors, several insiders have stated that Apple’s upcoming iOS 18 system will provide new text effects tools to iMessage.

Apple iOS 18 iMessage leaks


Currently, users have the ability to send iMessages with bubble effects or full-screen effects, such as invisible ink or confetti. Additionally, forthcoming text effects will allow users to animate the words in their messages.

The upcoming iOS 18 update for iMessage will not only include support for text effects and RCS, but it will also offer AI auto-completion features that can expand and present pertinent information based on the user’s description.

Apple has scheduled the WWDC 2024 Global Developers Conference to commence at 1 a.m. on June 11. IT Home will closely monitor this event and provide you with firsthand reports.

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