LG supports Apple’s hotel TV air playback


A spokeswoman from LG recently announced that the company intends to finalize the initial implementation of Apple’s “AirPlay” in several hotels by the end of this spring. This would enable hotel guests to conveniently use their TVs like using them at home.

During the 2023 WWDC Developers Conference, Apple revealed its plans to collaborate with hotels worldwide to enhance the functionality of “AirPlay”.


Hotel patrons can establish a connection between their iPhone or iPad and the televisions in their rooms by scanning a distinctive QR code. LG has verified that clients would not be required to input a password or install an application to utilize AirPlay in their hotel rooms.

LG supports Apple’s hotel TV air playback

In June of last year, LG made an announcement stating that it would be the pioneering hotel TV manufacturer to offer support for AirPlay. The company’s initial intention was to conclude assistance by the conclusion of 2023. However, due to a multitude of factors, it was unable to commence operations as anticipated. This official announcement indicates that the feature will be accessible no later than mid-June during its initial release.

This functionality enables users to not only broadcast films and share photographs but also achieve full mirroring of their device screen content, providing a more versatile screen-casting experience.

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Apple’s collaboration strategy seeks to enhance the efficiency and reliability of air playback. The company is collaborating with several establishments, like as hotels, conference centers, and entertainment venues, to guarantee a smooth and uninterrupted use of AirPlay by users in these locations. This will enhance the screen casting experience for hotel guests, offering them a more simple way to stream entertainment from their devices to the TV displays in their rooms.

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