PTA Inducts Graduate Trainee through Telenor Pakistan’s “Open Mind Program,” Breaking Barriers for People with Disabilities


Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) was able to successfully induct its first graduate trainee through the Disability Inclusion Management Trainee Programme in partnership with Telenor Pakistan’s “Open Mind Pakistan (OMP)” programme, marking a significant step toward the creation of a workplace that is more inclusive and equitable.

Officers and representatives from both PTA and Telenor Pakistan were present during a ceremony that was held jointly at the PTA Headquarters in Islamabad.


Telenor Pakistan and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) inked a collaboration agreement on January 22, 2022. As part of the deal, the PTA promised to receive one female PWD, who would be mentored, trained, and deployed by Telenor. PTA is the first organisation in the public sector to form a partnership with a telecom operator, and it did so in order to put into motion its Disability Inclusion Management Trainee Program in collaboration with Telenor Pakistan.

PTA Inducts Graduate Trainee through Telenor Pakistan’s “Open Mind Program,” Breaking Barriers for People with Disabilities

The programme was launched by PTA as part of its drive to promote digital gender inclusion and was intended to encourage diversity and inclusion in the workforce. The purpose of the Disability Inclusion Management Trainee Program is to give chances for female graduates who have disabilities to obtain relevant regulatory work experience and improve their talents in an atmosphere that is supportive and inclusive. PTA is also dedicated to cultivating a culture that celebrates diversity and inclusion, and where employees have the feeling that they are appreciated, valued, and empowered in their roles. Accessibility is ensured at all PTA locations, including on the website, and help is offered in accordance with international accessibility norms and standards. One of the few government institutions in Pakistan with a website that fully complies with accessibility standards is the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

The graduate trainee received extensive on-the-job training at Telenor Pakistan, where they worked with industry professionals in the fields of data analysis, business communication, statistical analysis, and research. The trainee will have the extraordinary chance, as a result of their participation in the internship at PTA, to obtain a deeper awareness of the role that PTA plays, as well as the legislation and policies that govern it.

The Open Mind Pakistan programme was initiated in 2013 by Telenor Pakistan with the intention of utilising accessible design and assistive technology to provide trainees with the most effective resources for the purpose of skill development and on-the-job training. The Open Mind programme has a particular emphasis on providing people with disabilities with a merit-based, equitable platform. The programme caters to all of the needs of people with disabilities while supporting them in overcoming any physical, visual, hearing, speaking, or mobility obstacles that may stand in the way of their achievements.


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