The OpenAI ChatGPT app has been released for iOS

It is impossible to find somebody who is unaware of ChatGPT in our world. Isn’t it? The extremely popular AI chatbot is powered by machine learning systems; nevertheless, such systems are directed by humans working in the background. These artificial intelligence bots are currently the focus of everyone’s attention. Many businesses have jumped on the bandwagon and are already offering chatbots to their customers, such as Microsoft Bing, Google Bard, and others. The fact that OpenAI is the company that developed the ChatGPT chatbot is common knowledge. They have recently made the announcement that a new ChatGPT app would soon be available for Apple’s iOS. It is anticipated that the roll-out for iOS will start in the United States and then expand to include additional nations over the next few weeks.

The OpenAI ChatGPT app has been released for iOS

For your information, the powerful artificial intelligence model ChatGPT-4 contains technology that is more sophisticated than the extremely popular ChatGPT. ChatGPT was the predecessor to ChatGPT-4. Back in February, OpenAI introduced a test version of a subscription service for their immensely popular AI-driven chatbot. This membership option, which was referred to as ChatGPT Plus, costs twenty dollars each month.

“ChatGPT Plus subscribers get exclusive access to GPT-4’s capabilities, early access to features, and faster response times, all on iOS,”

When ChatGPT was first introduced late in 2017, you could argue that the public conflict to dominate the AI technology sector got its start at that time. You wouldn’t be wrong to say that. In addition to this, ChatGPT inspired other prominent digital companies, such as Alphabet Inc. and Meta, to develop their very own versions of the product. Now, let’s look ahead and see what the next step is.

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