India Blocked Pakistani YouTube channels over Security

India Blocked 14 Pakistani YouTube channels over 2022 Security Police


According to the administration, these stations were attempting to impersonate respectable news organisations by using templates and logos that looked similar to their own. In order to get views and spread misinformation about a variety of themes, the films employed deceptive thumbnails and titles, including the Indian armed forces and the continuing “crisis” in Ukraine, to gain attention.

India Blocked Pakistani YouTube channels



India has implemented new information technology regulations the previous year in order to prevent the proliferation of incorrect material disseminated on social media platforms. In addition, social media businesses will be subjected to greater monitoring under the new laws. According to the government, these channels were disseminating information in violation of the new Information Technology Rules of 2021.

In addition, the Indian government has shut 20 channels in the past year. Following a December court order, the government has restricted access to 78 YouTube channels as well as several Facebook and Twitter accounts.

“A number of YouTube channels were utilised to spread false information about a variety of themes, including the Indian Armed Forces, Jammu and Kashmir, and other topics.” Additionally, certain anti-India content posted from various social media accounts managed in a coordinated manner from Pakistan was among the content ordered to be blocked. A considerable amount of fraudulent content uploaded by these Indian YouTube-based channels was found to be related to the present situation in Ukraine and was intended to harm India’s international ties with other countries.

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