Youtube is putting ads on connected TVs that can’t be skipped for 30 seconds


Do You enjoy watching YouTube AdsYouTube recently announced at Brandcast 2023, that all its TV users will be able to see Un skippable ads of 30 seconds on connected TVs. Let me tell you that viewers used to see two ads of 15 seconds each before this. In addition to this, the company also unveiled a new option to pause a video if they want to get more details about it.



YouTube has also unveiled the reason behind these long 30-second unskippable ads. The company claims that longer form creative offers richer storytelling. Google-owned YouTube stated: Youtube is putting ads on connected TVs that can’t be skipped for 30 seconds

“We’re adding 30-second videos that can’t be skipped to CTV’s YouTube Select. We know very well that running longer-form writing on a big screen helps you reach your goals and lets you tell better stories. Now, 70% of YouTube Select’s impressions are on TV, so we’re making it easy for you to use your current assets in front of the most-streamed content. This style also fits well with what people already know and expect from the big screen.


Now, if you don’t like having ads pop up while you’re watching, the only way to avoid these ads that you can’t skip on YouTube is to pay for a paid account. In India, it will cost you Rs 139 per month to use YouTube Premium. But if you choose to have it automatically renewed, it will cost Rs 129 per month. YouTube also said that viewers will soon be able to pause movies to get more information about them.


It’s important to note that right now, these functions are only available in the US. However, people in India should be able to use them soon. Reports say that a lot of marketers use Google AI to make ads that are interesting. For example, Sony Electronics used Google AI to add relevant voices to their product ads and saw a 25% increase in how many people remembered the ads.

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