YouTube Is Testing a Premium Lock Screen


A new feature called “Lock Screen” will provide users the ability to turn off touch input. When viewers watch a video in full-screen mode, they won’t have to worry about accidentally pausing the film, skipping to a different video, or selecting one of the suggested videos because this feature prevents them from doing any of those things. To activate the feature, all YouTube creators who have been given permission to participate in the test need to do is click on the gear icon that is located in the top left corner of the screen.

On the other hand, it is important to note that it is only accessible on Android and iOS devices by a limited number of Premium customers who have paid for the service. The encouraging piece of news is that YouTube is providing users with a window of time until the 30th of July in which they can test out the new function. They can check this by going to the homepage of YouTube and seeing if there is a notification there for them.


YouTube Is Testing a Premium Lock Screen

Permit me to explain that the experiment that was just recently added to YouTube is very similar to a feature that was offered by Netflix in the year 2020. The Netflix mobile app has also included a screen lock, which allows customers to stop buttons like play and pause from appearing on the screen by tapping an icon located at the bottom of the screen that represents a lock. It helps prevent the playback from being stopped unexpectedly or the subtitles from being turned on.

This is not what it means. The powerhouse in the streaming industry is also now conducting a few more tests. It also contains a mechanism to limit the use of ad blocks by informing users that the video player will be disabled after three videos unless the user deactivates the ad blocker. This method is included since it helps reduce the amount of time users spend watching videos with ads blocked. According to recent reports, the platform is also reportedly investigating the addition of an online game service, which is anticipated to provide users with the ability to play games through the YouTube website or app.

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