OnePlus 12 mobile phone comes in three colors


The OnePlus 12 press conference has been planned to take place at 14:30 hours on December 5th. The official disclosed the three color options for the upcoming phone, specifically white, light green, and Rock black.

According to Li Jie, the President of OnePlus China, the three hues are produced using three distinct novel manufacturing techniques. The design of the lens module is influenced by the aesthetic elements seen in high-end luxury watches. The newly introduced design elements of the crown mirror, starry sky dial, and time scale are collectively referred to as the new design. The concept of “TIME Design” is being discussed.


The color white is often preferred by consumers for its high popularity in terms of color matching. The product utilizes an innovative ceramic glass technology that exhibits a warm and refined texture, reminiscent of the smoothness of jade immersed in milk.

OnePlus 12 mobile phone comes in three colors

Recently, I have been utilizing the color green. The selection of colors is derived from the visual impact experienced when observing the mountains from a significant elevation. The product utilizes cutting-edge emerald glass technology, which provides a unique and unparalleled tactile experience.


The Rock black variant possesses a traditional and robust aesthetic, using OnePlus’ proprietary silk glass technology of the latest generation. This innovative technology ensures that the surface remains free from fingerprint smudges, while also providing a smooth and non-slip texture like that of high-quality silk.

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The OnePlus 12 smartphone features the third-generation Snapdragon 8 engine, incorporating a 6.82-inch 2K Oriental screen manufactured by BOE. It supports a 120Hz LTPO adaptive refresh rate and is equipped with a 5400mAh battery, along with 100W wired fast charging and 50W wireless fast charging capabilities.


The new phone is equipped with Sony’s latest flagship sensor, the LYT-808, which has an advanced super light and shadow imaging system. Additionally, it features a periscope telephoto lens, wireless charging capability, rain touch functionality, a three-stage configuration, infrared capabilities, and other notable features.


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