Viral Dance Girl YouTube video Recreation by TikToker Dolly

A video of a young girl dancing quickly gained widespread attention a few days ago. The girl performed an old tune called “Mera Dil Ye Pukarey Aja,” and the video was acclaimed by a lot of people it became viral due to her expressions and the fact that her dancing techniques were superb. Her video was altered by a large number of people. The video of the pretty little girl dancing became viral, but it also received a lot of negative feedback from viewers. After the video gained traction, people all over the world started imitating her dancing moves and steps in an effort to create their own versions. People in Pakistan are now uploading videos of themselves because it has grown popular there.

Viral Dance Girl YouTube video Recreation by TikToker Dolly


Dolly, a well-known member of the TikTok community, has also joined in on the craze. The dance video that TikToker Dolly created has been uploaded. Dolly is seen in the video dancing to the popular song Mera Dil Ye Pukarey Aja. She appears to be imitating the dancer in the video as she performs the same steps, wears the same parrot green color, and keeps her hair unbound. Dolly appears to be trying to duplicate all of her actions and expressions. Take a look at how she moves her body;


Viral Dance Girl YouTube video


The dance video of the TikToker Dolly has been mocked by admirers. Well, that’s how it is. They stated that one should not follow every fad that comes along. Dolly’s supporters, in general, made fun of her age as well as her beauty. They held the opinion that because Dolly danced to the song and adopted the filthy moves, she had inadvertently brought trolls to her performance. The people who watched the video left some amusing remarks below it.


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