Google Ends The Year With Some Of The Most Fascinating Searches From 2022

Google publishes an intriguing list of the top searches in a variety of categories, including celebrities, locations, etc.



Google Ends The Year With Some Of The Most Fascinating Searches From 2022



Google released an intriguing recap of 2022 that included a list of the top web searches that people considered most engaging. The word “Wordle,” the word-guessing game that had everyone hooked for their word of the day, was the most searched word of the year.

The US election day news story received the highest search engine traffic. In terms of news searches, the passing of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and actress Betty White were also among the top searches, ranking second and third, respectively. The most popular song from the new Disney film Encanto, which is modeled on Marvel’s comical superhero Thor, was “We don’t talk about Bruno.”

The most popular individuals, terms, performers, movies, etc. are also included in the list of categories. The two most sought-after TV shows were Euphoria and Stranger Things, while Johnny Depp topped the list of stars and celebrities.

Google also included searches for historical sites on Google Maps, with Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, the US, coming in the first place due to its disturbingly high UFO encounter rate.

Everybody by the Backstreet Boys was the most often searched song according to a Google function that recognizes songs when they are hummed.

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