An Apple Exclusive Reveals iPhone 14’s Shocking Price


An Apple Exclusive Reveals iPhone 14’s Shocking Price


Apple rumors claim that the iPhone 14 Pro will cost extra and come with a number of unique upgrades. A recent source claims that the ordinary iPhone 14 models will cost more even though they are largely unchanged from their predecessors.


In an interview with The Sun, Dan Ives, the founder of renowned analyst firm Wedbush Securities, provided an explanation for the increase in supply chain prices. We expect the price of the iPhone 14 to rise by $100 soon, Ives said. Due to rising costs throughout the entire supply chain, Cupertino must pass these costs along to the user with this release.

If true, the iPhone 14 range would resemble

iPhone 14 costs $899 (iPhone 13 costs $799)

$999 for the iPhone 14 Max; $699 for the iPhone 13 Mini

($1099 for iPhone 14 Pro; $999 for iPhone 13 Pro)

iPhone 14 Pro Max costs $1199 ($1099 for iPhone 13 Pro Max)

The largest financial hit comes from the range’s starting point jumping from $699 to $899, even though the base models, which would have the same design, back cameras, and processor as the iPhone 13, will suffer from the $100 price hike.

There has been an approximately 30% increase in price as a result of Apple discontinuing the 5.4-inch iPhone 13 Mini in favor of the 6.7-inch iPhone 14 Max (also rumored to be called the “iPhone 14 Plus”), which moves the iPhone 14 into the basic model position.

Although it is thought that it would only be utilized on non-Pro versions, the significant news is that the schematics support several rumors that Apple will preserve the notch. The dimensions they offer seem to be more fascinating data at this stage, though:

Size: 160.71 x 78.78 x 7.85mm for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 13 Pro Max dimensions are 160.8 x 78.1 x 7.65 mm.

Even if the differences are slight, they refute the widely held belief that Apple will use the same chassis for all iPhone 14 Pro models. Apple already increased the basic price for the iPhone 14 series to $799 from the $699 of the iPhone 13 lineup by removing the Mini. Additionally, by utilizing many of the same parts for the ordinary iPhone 14 models as the iPhone 13, the business saves considerable additional costs.

This allows for greater iPhone 14 Pro pricing, a wider selection of hardware, and stronger upsell possibilities. If the claims are true, this marketing strategy will alienate customers at a time when global inflation is rising.

There is one popular industry counterargument. To put it another way, rather than the $200 price difference described above, Apple will keep the iPhone 13 pricing for the iPhone 14, and the absence of an iPhone 14 Mini will only result in a $100 price increase at the basic level. However, this does not account for the rise in supply chain pricing, thus it can end up being overly optimistic.


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