You Can Now “Silence” Unknown WhatsApp Calls


The massively popular messaging app WhatsApp has not been moving at a snail’s pace in terms of releasing new features on a regular basis.

Since the beginning of the year 2023, we have been receiving information each day on new features that would be added to WhatsApp.


It appears as though the organization is making significant efforts to enhance the experience of its customers. For all of the WhatsApp users who have been troubled by calls from unknown numbers or spammers, we have some more exciting news today.

“Silence” Unknown WhatsApp Calls

They no longer have any reason to be concerned since, very soon, they will be able to put an end to the annoying unknown WhatsApp calls that have been coming in.

According to WaBetainfo, the messaging app is reportedly hard at work developing a new feature that would allow users to mute calls that are causing them inconvenience.

There is no question that this will be a very helpful capability to have. Users will be able to mute incoming calls from unknown numbers, however, the calls list and notification center will continue to display these incoming calls.

It has been reported that the brand-new upgrade for WhatsApp, which offers various benefits, such as a reduction in interruptions and the potential avoidance of spam calls, is likely to be available in a future update of the application.

It is important to note that the function is not currently available for testing by beta users because it is still in the process of being developed.

We are all aware that the fact that WhatsApp users run the risk of being approached by any member of the community is one of the most significant issues they face when using the application.

It was due to the fact that the phone number of the developer is constantly viewable on the website. So, there are no barriers that prevent someone from getting in touch with you, regardless of whether or not you know the other person.

Any member of the community has the opportunity to contact the community’s founder at any time, with or without a reason or permission.

In point of fact, that is a very serious matter. Hence, consumers will find this function useful because it will enable them to mute calls that are not wanted. The following was stated on the website that tracks apps:

We have high hopes that this new WhatsApp function will contribute to a reduction in the ever-increasing problem of unwanted calls over the past few years. Now, let’s take a look at what else WhatsApp has to offer its users. Keep an eye out!

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