Leaks That All iPhone 15 Models Have Rounded Design


As a result of the fact that USB-C is intended to be an open standard, many Apple supporters and industry experts will be taken aback and dissatisfied by this piece of news.

This move seems to contradict Apple’s earlier actions, as they had previously made the USB-C port available on iPads and MacBooks without imposing any constraints.


Apple’s official licencing programme for accessories is known as MFi, which stands for the phrase “Made For iPhone/iPod/iPad.”

There is no publicly available information regarding the price of MFi certification, however, rumours have it that it can cost as much as $4 per connector. As a direct consequence of this, accessories that have the MFi certification might cost up to three times as much as ones that do not have the licence.

Leaks That All iPhone 15 Models Have Rounded Design

In addition, Apple installs an authenticator chip on ports, which can either restrict the accessory’s functionality or disable it entirely, in order to ensure that third-party manufacturers comply with their standards.


In addition, a notification appears if an item that is not licenced is connected. Many people feel that Apple’s primary motivation for not switching iPhones over to USB-C ports is profit, despite the fact that Apple states that MFi safeguards devices.


It would appear that Apple has made the decision to modify the standard in defiance of EU restrictions on the use of proprietary ports. This is a setback because USB-C would make it possible for iPhones to have quick charging and data transfer speeds. Furthermore, reports say that iPhone 15 Pro models will have performance that is nearly 40 times faster.


But, it appears that these benefits will only be available through accessories that have been certified by MFi, which is not ideal for individuals who already have a drawer full of USB-C cables.


According to ShrimpApplePro, Foxconn has already started creating MFi-licensed accessories. These accessories include Apple’s own EarPods and wires.

Although some fans of the iPhone might not consider this to be game-changing information, it is safe to say that industry experts and EU legislators did not anticipate the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer to use USB-C in this manner.

It is anticipated that Apple will release its iPhone 15 lineup in September with higher starting costs, a design that is more rounded, new chassis materials and colours, solid-state buttons, next-generation WiFi, and a 3nm A17 CPU.

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