Apple iPhone 14 Pro models can take 48-megapixel


According to a recent tweet from MacRumors editor Steve Moser on X (Twitter), in addition to the “HEIF MAX” option, Apple has also included the “JPEG MAX” option and will roll it out to the iPhone 14 Pro models.

Not all camera modes handle the full 48 million pixels, it is also important to note. The maximum number of pixels for night scene mode, flash shooting, macro, and other settings is still 12 million. This constraint results from the fact that these modes demand faster shutter speeds than can be provided by higher-resolution sensors.


Apple iPhone 14 Pro models can take 48-megapixel

Currently, the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max supports three camera configurations:

Regular 12 million pixels, including JPEG or HEIF support for saving

images in 12-megapixel ProRAW format

images in 48-megapixel ProRAW format

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