Samsung launches 50-megapixel ISOCELL GNK

sensor with professional night scene imaging and rapid autofocus.


The official Samsung website secretly changed the product page on November 4 to announce the release of the 50-megapixel ISOCELL GNK camera sensor. This sensor includes Dual Pixel Pro and superior HDR technology to regulate high dynamic range scenarios.

Here are the technical details of the ISOCELL GNK sensor used in cameras:


The actual pixel count is 50 million, with a resolution of 8160 by 6144.

Inches per pixel

1/1.3-inch-sized sensor


Up to 24fps at full 50MP and 90fps at 12.5MP are the standard frame rates.

8K at 30fps, 4K at 120fps, and Full HD (720p) at 240fps


Accuracy of the ADC: 10 Bits

Power requirements are as follows: analog 2.2V, I/O 1.8V, and digital core 0.9V.

Temperature range of operation: -20 to +85 degrees

4-lane interface (2.5Gbps/lane) Three-lane D-PHY (4.0 Gsps each). C-PHY


Dual-Pixel Professional AF (PDAF) Autofocus

Stacked High Dynamic Range, Smart ISO Pro

Input: RAW8/10/12/14

x144 at 12.5MP and x72 at 50MP for analog gain.

The Staggered HDR technology built into the ISOCELL GNK sensor combines three separate ISO settings to produce photographs with a dynamic range of up to 102dB, making it one of the sensor’s most impressive features.

Smart-ISO Pro, which works with a single frame, increases dynamic range and reduces motion artifacts to provide 14-bit color photos.


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