Windows Now Has Apple Music, TV, and Device Apps


Microsoft has recently announced that official apps from Apple, including Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Devices, can now be accessed through the Microsoft Store on Windows PCs. Users may now effortlessly access Apple Music and Apple TV on their Windows PCs using native applications.

A noteworthy inclusion is the Apple Devices application, which effectively replaces the absence created by iTunes. This application allows users to easily create backups, recover data, and synchronize their iPhones, iPads, iPods, and iPod Touch devices directly from their Windows personal computers.


Apple Music encounters formidable competition from platforms such as Spotify and YouTube Music, particularly on Android devices. However, it continues to be a favored option among iPhone owners. Contrary to prevailing opinion, not all iPhone users are solely restricted to Apple’s environment. A significant number of iPhone users also make use of suggested earbuds and Windows PCs. The news of official Apple apps becoming available for Windows PCs is welcomed by such persons.

Apple Music, Apple TV, and Apple Devices Apps Are Now Available on Windows

Nevertheless, it is important to acknowledge a restriction: the applications presently necessitate a physical connection, as they lack compatibility with wireless communication on iPhones. As a result of this constraint, customers are unable to directly preserve copies of their iPhone images on their Windows computers without resorting to cloud services or third-party applications as intermediaries.

Apple usually offers a complimentary trial of their services to customers who buy an iPhone. By providing certified Windows apps, a larger number of people would be able to directly explore and enjoy these services.

Apple Podcasts connects to Apple Music

Releasing certified Apple applications for Windows personal computers is a favorable stride towards enhanced accessibility and convenience for consumers on many platforms. Whether you are a dedicated Apple Music subscriber, enjoy Apple TV content, or need effective device management solutions, these applications cater to a wide variety of user requirements within the Windows environment.

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