Zong Daily Weekly Monthly Call Packages Updated April 2024 Updated

Zong Daily Weekly Monthly Call Packages 2020

Zong Call Packages 2024 Updated Prices and Details

Zong Call Packages Student Offer

Zong 4G has recently introduced new packages in 2020 and amid COVID-19 to bring exiciting offers to general masses. They have offered  Student Voice Packages & Bundles, Haftwar Load Offer, and Zong free Offers.

lets have a loo at Zong daily Call Packages Student offer.

Zong Super Student BundleRs.5 excl.TaxUnlimited On-Net Minutes 30 MB (PKR 0.15 call setup charges)Next Two HoursJust dial *5555#

Zong Daily Call Packages Prepaid

Zong 4g brings prepaid voice packakges & bundles such as Zong Super Student, Zong Full Gup package, Zong Daily Shandaar package, Zong Hello Package and Zong Sixer Plus Package with free onnet minutes,  free offnet minutes, SMS and internet MBs.

Zong Super Student PackageRs.5 excl.Tax120 Free On-Net Minutes 30MB InternetNext Two HoursDial:*5555#
Zong Full Gup PackageRs.5 excl.Tax75 Free On-Net Minutes 30MB Internet + 100 SMS1 DayDial 118*1#
Zong Daily Shandaar PackageRs. 12 + TaxUnlimited On-Net Minutes 50MB Internet + 800 SMS1 DayDial *999#
Zong Hello PackageRs. 12 excl.Tax150 Free On-Net Minutes 50MB Internet + 150 SMS1 DayDial *2200*1#
Zong Flutter PackageRs. 12 excl.Tax120 Free On-Net Minutes 120 SMS 50 MB Internet1 DayDial *369#
Zong Sixer Plus PackageRs. 8 excl.TaxUnlimited On-Net Minutes 500 SMS 1 MB Internet6am - 6pm 1 DayDial:*666#
Zong Non-Stop PackageRs. 10 excl.TaxUnlimited On-Net Minutes(Except 7pm to 10pm) 1 DayDial:*777#

Zong Weekly Call Packages Prepaid

Zong Weekly prepaid call packages offers weekly call offers with free onnet minutes, free offnet minutes free sms and free internt MBs for it customers. Zong Haftawar Load offer is one of the best weekly prepaid offer with just Rs.280 and 2500 MBs of internet,  2500 Free on-net minutes, 80 Off-net minutes and 2500 SMS.

Zong Shandaar Weekly Package (Haftawaar Offer)Rs.120 excl.Tax500 Free On-Net Minutes 40 Off-net Minutes 500MB Internet 500 SMS (Call Setup charges 0.15 will be applicable on each call you make)07 DaysDial *7#
Zong All-In-1 WeeklyRs. 2001000 Free On-Net Minutes 40 Off-Net Minutes 1000 SMS 1024MB Internet07 DaysDial *6464# Or SMS “Weekly150” to 6464
Zong Haftawar Load OfferRs.2802500 Free On-Net Minutes 80 Off-Net Minutes 2500 SMS 2.5GB Internet07 DaysDial *70#
Zong Unlimited Offer WeeklyRs. 63 TaxUnlimited Calls Zong to Zong 150 SMS / Day (Call set up charges Rs. 0.15 on every call)07 DaysSend "PK7" to 522
Hello 7 Day BundleRs. 45 + Tax100 Onnet Mins, 100 SMS / Day 1MB / Day07 DaysDial 310 then type 4 (Follow Instruction)
Zong Combo Pack (fortnightly package)Rs. 200+Tax50 Free Off-Net Minutes 3GB Internet15 DaysDial *15#

Zong Monthly Call Packages Prepaid

Zong monthly call packages give you eas for the whole month. One of the best monthly call package is Zong Monthly Powever Pack which offers 1000 Free On-net minutes, 50 off-net minutes, 1000 SMS and 2.5GB internet.


Zong Shandaar Monthly PackageRs.300 excl.Tax1000 Free On-Net Minutes 100 Off-Net Minutes 1000 SMS 1GB Internet30 DaysDial *1000# or Send “sub Mahana” to 7091
Zong All in 1 Bundle (Monthly)Rs.650 (Recharge or load Required)2500 Free On-Net Minutes 150 Off-Net Minutes 2500 SMS 2.5GB Internet 2GB Whatsapp30 DaysDial *6464# and press 4
Zong Supreme OfferRs 1000 (Recharge Required)5000 Free On-Net Minutes 300 Off-Net Minutes 5000 SMS 5,120MB Internet 4GB Whatsapp30 Days*6464# > 4 > 2 > 2
Zong Supreme Plus OfferRs 2,000 (Recharge Required)10,000 Free On-Net Minutes 600 Off-Net Minutes 10,000 SMS 10GB Internet 4GB Whatsapp30 Days*6464# > 4 > 4 > 2
Zong Monthly Power Pack 500Rs.500 incl.Tax1000 Free On-Net Minutes 50 Off-Net Minutes 1000 SMS 2.5GB Internet30 DaysDial *70#
Zong Monthly Power Pack 1000Rs.1000 incl.Tax2000 Free On-Net Minutes 150 Off-Net Minutes 1500 SMS 5GB Internet30 DaysDial 310 then type 4 (Follow Instruction)
Zong 3 Months Power Pack 1500Rs.1500 incl.Tax8000 Free On-Net Minutes 200 Off-Net Minutes 3000 SMS 8GB Internet03 MonthsDial 310 then type 4 (Follow Instruction)

Zong Postpaid Packages

Apart from prepaid call packages, Zong also offers Postpaid packages to its postpaid customers. One of the best Zong postpaid package is Z900 which costs Rs.675 plus tax and offers unlimite on-net minutes, 800 off-net minutes, 5000 SMS and 4GB internet.

Z300Rs. 300+Tax500 Free On-Net Minutes 100 Off-Net Minutes 500 SMS 1GB Internet30 DaysDial 310
Z500Rs. 365+Tax1500 Free On-Net Minutes 250 Off-Net Minutes 1000 SMS 2GB Internet30 DaysDial 310
Z900Rs. 657+TaxUnlimited Free On-Net Minutes 500 Off-Net Minutes 2000 SMS 4GB Internet30 DaysDial 310
Z1500Rs.1,095+TaxUnlimited Free On-Net Minutes 800 Off-Net Minutes 4000 SMS 8GB Internet30 DaysDial 310
Z3000Rs.2,190+TaxUnlimited Free On-Net Minutes 1200 Off-Net Minutes 5000 SMS 25.6GB Internet30 DaysDial 310

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