Black View Hero 10 vertical folding phone released


A subsidiary of Shenzhen Duoke Electronics Co., Ltd., Blackview is a Hong Kong-based Chinese smartphone maker. At Mobile World Congress 2024, the business unveiled its new BlackView Hero 10 vertical folding smartphone.

Blackview Hero 10 vertical folding phone released



In terms of hardware, this model has a MediaTek G99 CPU and only 12+256GB of RAM. On the display side, it has a 6.9-inch full HD OLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and a 360*360 circular external screen on the back with a 60Hz refresh rate. The Hero 10 has a 4000mAh battery and 45W fast charging capabilities.


As reported by Smartworld, an international media outlet, this model is priced as a mid-range foldable screen mobile phone.

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As mentioned before, BlackView has launched a slew of tough mobile phones, tablets, and other devices in foreign markets.

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