YouTube launches new features for schools


There are billions of videos available on YouTube. Since the majority of them are of dubious quality, one may imagine that the algorithms used by Google would present users with content that is pertinent to their needs and interesting to them. Obviously, the platform is not without its share of problems, particularly when it comes to the role that children and teachers play as spectators and producers, respectively.

As a consequence of this, the company is introducing a number of substantial new features geared toward particular user communities. Among these new features is a video player that has been developed particularly for educational reasons.


YouTube launches new features for School Classrooms

YouTube has made previous attempts to break into other markets in the past. The website has, for a good number of years, actively encouraged educators to make use of its extensive library of instructional and how-to videos in the classroom setting. Previous ideas, on the other hand, were met with scepticism as a result of the popular video service’s emphasis on targeted advertising as well as its abundance of content that is not instructive.

Embedded videos on some online educational platforms will be able to stream without interruption from advertisements thanks to the newly developed YouTube Player for Education, which also eliminates the need for any external connections or outbound content suggestions. Clients of Google Classrooms, in addition to those of Purdue University and Purdue Global and EDpuzzle, will get access to the player for use on their respective platforms when it becomes accessible.

External collaborations, such as those with Brilliant or CuriosityStream, have often been utilised by educational content creators who have gained success on YouTube in order to assist in funding large projects or developing organised courses. However, beginning the next year, YouTube will begin offering Courses, which are compilations of videos that may be viewed without interruption from advertisements and can be accessed indefinitely. Those that create content in South Korea and the United States will be among the first to reap the benefits of the Courses programme.

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