iPhone 14/Plus is most favored by users switching to Android


CIRP, a market research organization, has just published a report stating that Apple’s iPhone is starting to lose popularity among Android users in the US market. In 2022, it will reach a maximum of 15% and then start to fall in 2023.

So, which iPhone model would you recommend to the 13% of people who have made the move from Android? The 14 and 14 Plus are the correct answers.


iPhone 14/Plus is most favored by users switching to Android

The most popular model is the iPhone 14/Plus, and in 2023, 26 percent of Android users will choose it, according to the most recent US new iPhone purchase data published by CIRP. The following screenshots have been attached by IT Home:

The iPhone 14 Pro / Max came in second, with 25% of Android customers making the switch. Users who have abandoned the Android camp do not care much about purchasing Apple’s newest and greatest devices.

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Even more intriguing is the fact that in 2023, when it comes to selecting entry-level iPhone models, 10% of Android users will purchase an iPhone SE and 8% will get an iPhone 12, which is double the amount of native iPhone users.

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