TikTok Tests 30-Minute Video Uploads Against YouTube


TikTok continuously introduces novel functionalities to provide formidable opposition to its competitors, particularly YouTube. It is accurate to state that TikTok is posing a threat to YouTube. The company is currently conducting trials to assess the functionality of allowing users to upload videos with a duration of 30 minutes. It suggests a notable departure from the concise video style that garnered TikTok’s popularity. According to reports, the new feature became available in the U.K. iOS beta version of the app. Furthermore, several users are also encountering the feature on the Android beta edition.



TikTok gained popularity due to its concise video style upon its inception. Nevertheless, it has gradually started embracing long-form content. If the new video upload limit of TikTok grows globally, it is anticipated that the platform will significantly increase its initial 15-second video time limit. Undoubtedly, TikTok is now engaged in a more direct rivalry with YouTube. The decision emphasizes the platform’s aim to appeal to artists of longer-form videos who often share their content on YouTube. Is it likely to achieve success? Only the passage of time will reveal the truth.

TikTok Tests 30-Minute Video Uploads Against YouTube

Previously, TikTok was perceived as the platform for concise content. Conversely, YouTube was perceived as the primary platform for hosting lengthy content. Content creators have been utilizing both channels as a means to engage with their audience. Nevertheless, the current circumstances appear to be transforming. The distinction between the two video platforms has become less clear as TikTok incorporates lengthier videos and YouTube incorporates shorter movies through its Shorts feature.


The revised restriction will afford creators additional duration and adaptability while disseminating materials such as culinary recipes, beauty demonstrations, educational material, and artistic drafts. An advantageous feature is its capability to upload complete episodes of television programs. The implementation of the new 30-minute limit does not necessitate the fragmentation of a program into multiple segments by networks. In contrast, they can upload complete episodes as a single video.

Record TikTok Videos on a Chromebook

Indeed, some do not have a preference for lengthier films on TikTok. Certain individuals have a preference for accessing the platform specifically designed for expeditious and concise video content. Therefore, it would be unwelcome for certain individuals. Nevertheless, users can accelerate TikTok movies by pressing and holding the right side of a video. The site has been endeavoring to enhance the accessibility of lengthier videos. Additionally, it is conducting trials of a horizontal full-screen mode in some countries. The company aims to optimize its efforts to attract an increasing number of new users.

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