Apple will develop its own camera ISP and 2 M3 series chips


Many news outlets and internet users have speculated about this. The fourth installment in the series, the M3 Ultra, is expected to be cobbled together with “UltraFusion” technology, and this much is known at the present time.

As for the sixth M3 series chip, it is worth predicting. It’s either the previously revealed Extreme variant or a toned-down Lite variant.


Apple will develop its own camera ISP and 2 M3 series chips


In a subsequent Weibo post, “@” Chipmaster confirmed that the latest generation of iPhone cameras employ a Sony CIS sensor and Sony image signal processor. Apple, on the other hand, is testing its own in-house ISP that won’t be manufactured by TSMC until the second half of 2026.

Chipmaster is confident that it can create its own ISP for image processing because to Apple’s prominence in the industry.

The output signal from the front-end image sensor is sent to a device called a “Image Signal Processor” (ISP).

ISPs have the responsibility of bringing the vision capabilities of “digital eyes” up to par with those of “human eyes,” so that viewers of digital images experience an effect as near as feasible to that of viewers of real-world scenes.

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