Government Issues Camera App Cybersecurity Advisory


In recent decades, there has been a noticeable surge in cybersecurity attacks specifically aimed at government organizations. Pakistan’s government has recently issued cybersecurity advice to government departments, officials, and employees, specifically addressing the usage of smartphone camera applications. The objective of the action is to safeguard classified national security information.



The alert specifically highlights the possible danger posed by the NoteCam Lite-GPS Memo Camera application. The software was produced by Derekr Corporation and has been accessible on the Google Play Store since May 12, 2015. Furthermore, it has garnered more than 10 million downloads.


Government Issues Camera App Cybersecurity Advisory


The authorities claim that the NoteCam Lite-GPS app is being used by hostile intelligence organizations to collect data, including the precise coordinates of military facilities and other vulnerable areas.


The application incorporates GPS data, providing specific information such as latitude, longitude, altitude, accuracy, time, and user remarks. Nonetheless, the cybersecurity advisory emphasizes the app’s comprehensive rights, encompassing the ability to access precise locations, read, alter, and delete files on SD cards, obtain advertising ID permission, run foreground services, do a Google Play license check, have complete network access, and more.

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Government officials and staff are strongly advised to refrain from using NoteCam Lite-GPS Memo Camera and its pro version, NoteCam Pro-Photo with Notes, according to the recommendation. The advice explicitly states that the app is to be regarded as prohibited, and individuals are cautioned from capturing images of vulnerable civil, military, and other vital facilities and their environs.

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